Our Unique Position

We believe your salespeople are trained through routine interactions with your customers and prospective buyers. Over time they become accustomed to acting in a servile, despondent manner, becoming experts in undervaluing your business proposition.

We develop high performing sales people that:

  • Persuade customers to change the way they think about their business using proprietary insights
  • Tailor their sales message into an effective value proposition
  • Educate internal stakeholders how to drive consensus for a purchase

Our training philosophy is based on an obsession to challenge and evolve your core business-processes. Our collaboration with you is as much about building organisational capabilities as it is about developing your individual skills.

The partnership we build with you is based on a stakeholder mentality. We invest our time extensively in understanding your business and take ownership of your issues.
As part of your team we constantly challenge and develop practical training solutions to the sales issues at hand. We provide invaluable support and insight to your management team on an ongoing basis.

Critical to the impact and success of training is the involvement of your sales management team in the development, delivery and endorsement of the programme.

This will ensure total acceptance, commitment and accountability ultimately resulting in the adoption of habits that drive success in sales.

2020 Sales Effectiveness whitepaper

Is your business reinforcing your investment in sales talent with solution sales automation?

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  • Benchmark your organisation against research from the world’s leading advisory services firms
  • Learn how the world’s most successful sales operations develop their sales talent through sales automation
  • Understand how to maximise training ROI and significantly improve the ability of salespeople to close deals and exceed revenue targets

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