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The most recognised sales organisations around the world today utilise Occurrō solutions to provide the catalyst for their continual growth and success.

Occurrō Software is a global provider of innovative solution-sales technology deployed by clients with ambitious growth plans in dynamic market places.  We create cutting-edge Sales Improvement Software (SIS) for sales operations that demand immediate results.  At Occurrō we have a deep and profound understanding of the mechanics of a successful sales organisation with extensive experience within business-to-business sales and marketing, spanning across Europe,  The Americas, Africa and Asia-Pac.

We understand the importance of capturing sales-critical information that supports key decision making and winning business.  We believe every business should offer a unique proposition to prospective clients and customers.  Occurrō clients stand out from the crowd because they differentiate themselves through a professional, intelligent sales engagement process. Our SAAS and web-based solutions are built with instant accessibility in mind. Our software seamlessly integrates with today’s CRM and ERP systems ensuring simple data capture converts to strategic revenue growth.  We leverage leading technology including mobile and tablet user interfaces.

We work dynamically with our clients. Our collaboration is as much about building organisational capabilities as it is about developing new sales technology and infrastructure. We take immense pride in our ability to provide inspiration, direction and consistently improve productivity and profitability of organisations all over the world.

2020 Sales Effectiveness whitepaper

Is your business reinforcing your investment in sales talent with solution sales automation?

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  • Understand how to maximise training ROI and significantly improve the ability of salespeople to close deals and exceed revenue targets

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