Sales Training Programmes

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We believe the basis of any training programme is a balance between the classroom and practical implementation.

Regular accompaniment with your salespeople during prospect and client interactions is a core part of our training process.

Customisation and interactive involvement will ensure that key sales disciplines are understood and form the basis of standard working practice.

Training events and activities are designed to challenge the status quo.  We develop specific sessions including live telephone calling, camera role-plays and peer group interaction that forces your salespeople to experiment with new and different behaviours.

New and different responses will encourage your salespeople to change and update their existing approach resulting in behavioural change.

At the completion of every programme we agree with stakeholders how to adopt and integrate the key skills learnt into your existing sales process.

Specific programmes we develop include:

  • Recruitment and induction
  • Territory management
  • Sourcing and researching opportunities
  • Customer account management and development
  • Telephone techniques
  • Meeting strengthening
  • Value proposition development and delivery
  • Questioning
  • Prospect qualification and planning
  • Strategic account selling
  • Deal analysis
  • Effective proposal writing
  • Negotiation skills
  • Closing
  • Forecasting
  • Management development
  • Leadership
  • Performance review

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