Recognising the importance of profitable growth

Successful sales operations that perform well during economic upturns and downturns are constantly adapting and developing their people whilst innovating their approach to their markets.

Over the last 30-years, Occurrō has led the way in the formalisation of organisation’s sales process with dramatic effect. Occurrō is an established international sales training and marketing consultancy, with extensive experience within business-to-business sales and marketing, spanning across Europe, The Americas, Africa and Asia-Pac.

We recognise the importance of profitable growth from a sales perspective. We work with senior managers developing and implementing strategies, programmes and activities that produce results in-line with specific corporate objectives.

Our clients range from start-ups through to multi-national corporations. Our whole philosophy, structure and approach is based on developing programmes that inspire a culture of innovation, creativity and success.

2020 Sales Effectiveness whitepaper

Is your business reinforcing your investment in sales talent with solution sales automation?

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  • Benchmark your organisation against research from the world’s leading advisory services firms
  • Learn how the world’s most successful sales operations develop their sales talent through sales automation
  • Understand how to maximise training ROI and significantly improve the ability of salespeople to close deals and exceed revenue targets

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