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Salespeople prefer Occurrō Pipeline Performance SW (ŌPP) because it is a fast, efficient and intuitive sales tool for managing and developing sales pipeline.

Salespeople should be able to update and communicate essential sales information without the burden of unnecessary administration.

Seize EVERY opportunity

ŌPP is a revolutionary pipeline management system that equips solution-sales professionals with a powerful sales forecasting, qualification and planning tool based on proven sales methodologies including SPIN, STRONGMAN and Challenger Sales.

ŌPPaddresses two fundamental issues sales operation’s face:

    • Insufficient quality pipeline opportunities
    • Mismanagement of existing pipeline opportunities.

ŌPP is the first Sales Improvement Software (SIS) that scores each stage of the sales pipeline and provides dynamic visibility of entire pipeline and forecast.

  • It provides sales people with an instant honest evaluation of their pipeline as well as guidance on how to progress each sales opportunity
  • It provides Sales Management with a clear and accurate assessment of sales pipelines ensuring sales management activities are proactive and prescriptive
  • It is the first Sales Improvement Software (SIS) to embody proven solution-selling methodologies and processes and continuously train and develop users in best practice selling techniques.

Hosted in the cloud ŌPPprovides a secure, flexible sales platform accessible via multiple devices anywhere in the world.

2020 Sales Effectiveness whitepaper

Is your business reinforcing your investment in sales talent with solution sales automation?

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  • Benchmark your organisation against research from the world’s leading advisory services firms
  • Learn how the world’s most successful sales operations develop their sales talent through sales automation
  • Understand how to maximise training ROI and significantly improve the ability of salespeople to close deals and exceed revenue targets

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