Sales Training

A new breed of sales organisation

Sales organisations which invest in training and development of their sales talent have historically out-performed those that don’t. In 2018 it’s fair to say that nearly all successful organisations now invest in some level of sales training and development whether effective or not.

A new breed of sales organisations are now emerging that are outperforming even the most ardent investors in sales talent and they don’t necessarily spend the most on salaries, CRM or training.

So what is it that distinguishes these new pioneering sales organisations?

They have been increasingly concentrating their sales investment in clearly defining their sales process and how they dynamically monitor and provide continuous feedback on their salespeople’s prescribed sales skills.

Investment in the development of sales talent reinforced by solution sales automation, significantly improves the ability of salespeople to close deals; and thereby meet or exceed their revenue targets.

Therefore, the more companies can bring science to the art of selling, the more effective salespeople will be at closing deals. The new breed of successful sales organisations invest directly in the level of sales process adherence, ensuring it is both formal and dynamic through automation, via existing sales technologies.

With the average experience and tenure for new sales hires falling steeply, those that bring this level of training and automation to sales will realise a far greater return on their considerable sales talent investment.

Consequences suffered by organisations with a more informal or random sales process are increasing timescales for less experienced salespeople to make a sales contribution and compounding levels of staff turnover.

Today, businesses can no longer ignore the mismatch between what science knows and what sales people do. The reality is that selling has become an exclusive club of highly skilled professionals where there is less and less room for apprenticeship.

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